Ending Forced Annexation (HB 347) Signed into Law

June 3, 2019


I am pleased to announce that HB 347, which I was the Senate Sponsor, has been signed by the Governor and has taken immediate effect. This major piece of legislation eliminates forced annexation statewide, giving all property owners the same right to consent to annexation. From today moving forward, a municipality will have to convince property owners living outside the city’s limits that it is in owners’ best interest to become incorporated within the city, rather than being done so forcefully. The success of this bill is a reflection of the hard work of my constituents, and constituents throughout the state, that have fought tirelessly for this legislation.


I would like to particularly highlight the work of Paul and Peggie Jones from Johnson County as well asĀ Louis Ponder from Ellis County, who was able to join us down in Austin for the signing and is pictured above with myself and Governor Abbott. He was a great ambassador for all the citizens who have worked so hard against forced annexation. It is because of their efforts, and the efforts of all my constituents, fighting for the ability to determine the fate of their private property, that I am proud HB 347 is now law!