Honoring the Sanctity of Life

Life is precious and sacred, and the unborn must be protected. We are endowed by our Creator, and we must be prepared to defend life from conception until natural death. As your senator, I have been unyielding and will continue my efforts to advance policies that would protect innocent human lives—unborn or otherwise.

Property Tax Reform

The citizens of Senate District 22, along with all Texans, have demanded property tax reform, which is why I was proud to support Senate Bill 2 during the 2019 legislative session. An unreasonable property tax burden should never prevent Texans from realizing and retaining the American dream of owning a house and making it a home. I will continue to work on this issue as I push for even more reforms to help the process be more transparent and enable tax payers to control their property taxes.

Supporting Texas Values

The founding fathers understood that the role of the federal government was to execute the specific tasks as enumerated in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution. These men understood that you promote the general welfare by limiting the role and function of the federal government in our daily lives, not by promoting a welfare state. Conservatives know that for government to give to one citizen it must first take from another. Our founders were clear, but unfortunately, politicians in both Texas and Washington have lost that clarity over the years. It’s time we get it back. The people of Texas can manage their own affairs and do not require the adult supervision of Washington and Austin. It’s time for the Texas, along with the other 49 states, to reaffirm its constitutional role and stop Washington from treating us like mere subcontractors to the federal government. I will continue to work on the frontlines to safeguard your fundamental freedoms, including your right to freedom of religion, to peaceably assemble, to speak, to petition your government, to keep and bear arms and to protect your property rights.

Border Security

Illegal immigration is a serious issue in the United States, and I believe no state has borne the burden quite like Texas. As a survivor of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, I wear the scars of not only an act of war, but of not knowing who is unlawfully in this country. I was proud to be the senate sponsor of the strongest border security package in Texas history—the Stronger Border, Safer Texas Act in 2015, and during the Obama administration years, voted to increase state funding and personnel at the Texas-Mexico border. I will work with our partners at the federal level to ensure the federal government continues to perform its constitutionally enumerated function of immigration enforcement and border security. I agree with President Trump, it is time to start showing compassion for the taxpayer who must foot the bill for a government that won’t perform the basic function of securing our border.

Promoting Jobs and a Strong Texas Economy

Whether working to pass the ban on a state income tax, reducing burdensome regulations, or supporting pro-growth policies which create jobs, I am committed to keeping the Texas economy the strongest in the nation.

Preserving Second Amendment Freedoms

As a veteran, Benefactor Life NRA member, TSRA member, Concealed Handgun License-holder and a proud native Texan, I will continue to fiercely defend our right to keep and bear arms. I’m proud to have authored or co-authored an array of legislation protecting the constitutional rights of law-abiding, gun-owning Texans.