Dan Patrick endorses Brian Birdwell

Dan Patrick

Lt. Governor

“Senator Birdwell is a great man that has served this country in the military and now as our senator he has served his district including Hood County very well. A man of integrity and honor, I am proud to have him representing me. He has proven to be an advocate for everyone including veterans, law enforcement, all emergency services, and all the people of Texas. He always is willing to listen to people when they have questions and comments and then to work to help get things done. I support Senator Birdwell in his re-election campaign!”
Sheriff Roger Deeds

“Senator Birdwell is a man after the Lord’s heart and a tireless worker for our State of Texas. He is a man who has served his country honorably and sacrificed much for her. We proudly support Brian Birdwell and he has our support.”
Chris & Susan Thomas

“We thank God for Brian Birdwell for many reasons. First, because of his strong love of God, family, country and our sacred Constitution. Next, because of his exceptional ability in fighting to defend the Constitution, our borders, individual rights, and the great state of Texas. Finally, we are grateful for his passion to serve people no matter their position in life, putting everyone and their well-being first. He fights for veterans, teachers, first responders, hardworking Texans, and without question everyone that he is honored to represent.”
Barbara & Ron Sutton

“Senator Brian Birdwell is a true patriot who is always looking out for what is best for Texas and his fellow Texans.”
Ike & Trisha Thomas

“I am proud to support Senator Brian Birdwell in his re-election bid. Brian is a man of the highest integrity and honor. He works hard to represent all of Senate District 22. He is a tireless fighter for the 2nd Amendment, law enforcement and for our veterans. I look forward to his continued service as our Senator.”
John Henry & Marilyn Luton

“There are rare moments in history when men of uncommon courage and exceptional leadership step forward to serve us. Thankfully, for over two decades Brian Birdwell has provided service first to our nation, where he bravely and admirably served in our military, and now in the Texas Senate where he is widely respected as a model public servant. I am so thankful we have a man like Senator Birdwell as our voice in Austin.”
Mrs. Sally Cleveland

“We support Senator Brian Birdwell because he follows through on what he promises to do. He puts his constituents ahead of his own personal desires, and he is a tireless worker for his district.”
Don & Rene Poe

“Brian Birdwell exemplifies the strong, conservative principles we should expect from our elected officials. He is focused on abiding by the Constitution and has spent his life defending this sacred document. He’s a man of integrity whom we can all be proud to support.”
Dan & Debbie White

“Brian and Mel are our neighbors as well as good people… Our support of the Texas Conservative Senator comes from a list of accomplishments, including but not limited to, his continuing support for our troops and all first responders. In addition to his work with the BRA water rights issue, he also filed the Stronger Border Safer Texas Act, and he has taken time from his busy schedule to accommodate us and meet with some of our customers. Brian is excellent for our community and a genuinely honest person.”
Vernon & Debra Harris

“It was a great day for Hood County when Senator Birdwell was appointed to the Sunset Commission. This commission, charged with weeding out financial shortcomings in government spending, could not have had a stronger voice for fiscal responsibility. The commission also uncovered many problems in the state’s child welfare system which is now being addressed because of being spotlighted by the commission’s work.”
Jean E. Cate