Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick Helps Kick Off Brian’s 2016 Re-election Campaign

September 9, 2015


Last night in McLennan County, I was honored to have so many friends come out to help me kick off my re-election campaign. Since our first efforts in 2010, Mel and I have been so blessed to have your support and encouragement. It was a particularly special treat to have Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick as our featured guest.


During my first two sessions in the legislature (2011, 2013), then-Senator Patrick and I became fast friends, often standing in the minority on votes for key conservative issues. At our event at the Baylor Club in Waco, the Lieutenant Governor graciously acknowledged some of the work we were able to accomplish this session.


“Folks, Brian is exactly the kind of principled conservative leader that we need. When I appointed him to head the committees on Nominations and Border Security, I knew he would succeed in his dual role. I’m proud of the work he did in passing a rigorous statewide¬†border security bill […] and he led the Senate on a whole host of key issues.”

I am humbled to have Governor Patrick’s support for my campaign, and I am reminded that it is through your support that we are able to continue the fight for our shared conservative principles. You can hear more about Lt. Gov. Patrick’s endorsement and the 2015 legislative session by clicking here.