STATEMENT: Proposed Amendments to the Constitution

January 8, 2016



In light of Governor Greg Abbott’s announcement of the ‘Texas Plan,’ I released the following statement on Friday:


“I applaud the bold and necessary call for reform made by Governor Greg Abbott today, as I have been and remain a strong proponent of taking the constitutional authority reserved to the states to restrain our out of control federal government.


“For too long, it has been clear to me that the Congress is incapable or unwilling to propose amendments that will limit its power, or that of the other branches, to return our nation to the original spirit of the Constitution and federalism the founders intended.


“Right now, the federal government treats the states as nothing more than subcontractors to implement its dictates, and thus, it is my firm belief that the only way we will save this republic is to go about the process of the states regaining control of the federal government.


“It is imperative that we remember that the states that created the federal government, and it is the states that must control it if our individual federal representatives cannot.”