STATEMENT: Texas Senate Hearing on Planned Parenthood Videos

July 31, 2015



On Wednesday, I released the following statement regarding the revelations of Planned Parenthood’s disgusting business practices:


“While I cannot be in attendance today, I applaud my friend and colleague,Dr. Charles Schwertner, for convening an emergency meeting of the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services to investigate the recently revealed videos of Planned Parenthood’s inhuman practices regarding the negotiations for and sale of organs and other aborted fetal tissue. The shocking actions of Planned Parenthood leadership shown in these videos—and the barbaric and reckless tone with which these actions were discussed—will be fully scrutinized. The ongoing investigation as to whether any of these actions have occurred in Texas is an imperative one, as it will inform the legislature on how best to act on this issue. I look forward to being part of this process, and I will always defend the sanctity of life.”