TABC Sunset Bill/Beer to Go Signed into Law!

June 15, 2019


I was happy to join Governor Greg Abbott, Representative Chris Paddie, and my other colleagues for the signing of the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission (TABC) Sunset Bill (HB 1545).


Over the years, the Legislature has taken a piecemeal approach to respond to the evolving alcoholic beverage industry, carving out exceptions for various activities and creating ever more complicated nuances in the law instead of taking a more holistic approach to regulating the industry. The reforms brought forth in the TABC Sunset bill reverses this trend. This major piece of legislation will bring much-needed modernization to the Alcoholic and Beverage Code.


Furthermore, these reforms were complemented by two major policy changes. The first being “Beer to Go,” which allows craft breweries the ability to sell their products from their taprooms, encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit on a local level. The second major addition in the TABC Sunset bill brings free market principles to the issuance and regulation of liquor store permits. Prior to the passage of the TABC Sunset bill, only individuals with certain familiar structures were able to exceed a five-store limit.


These free market reforms took eight years of work, and I am particularly proud of this bill getting signed by the governor.


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