Taxpayer’s Right to Know Act Signed into Law!

June 7, 2019


Senate Bill 30, the Taxpayer Right to Know Bill, is now law in Texas!


Senate Bill 30 requires local taxing entities to write bond proposals in a manner that allows voters to approve each issue individually as separate ballot items. Current law requires bond proposals to describe the “general purpose” and allows for multiple large, distinct projects to be consolidated into one proposition. This important legislation will stop cities, counties, and school districts from requiring taxpayers to vote on substantial bond packages, some surpassing a billion dollars. Voters are often expected to either approve or deny the bond in its entirety, as opposed to accepting or denying individual propositions.


This legislation ensures that taxpayers have more choice by requiring bond propositions to be broken up by a single specific purpose as opposed to an all or nothing approach. This bill will allow voters to choose to get a new elementary school if they believe it is necessary, while not having to also vote for a brand new stadium that they think is unnecessary.


I was proud to author this legislation and am grateful to have had Chairman Dade Phelan sponsor and pass it in the House. Thank you to my other House and Senate colleagues for their support of this bill and to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick for making this a priority item!